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Crack down on child labour

Published:Friday | June 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Child labour is happening every day in Jamaica, and it is not acknowledged because of how widely misunderstood it is. Conversations about child labour are to be had as they are important, and these issues are real.

It is defined as the use of children in industry or business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane. This also speaks to force and having a child work in hazardous environments.

Some persons are concerned because they feel as if advocates are trying to give students ammunition as to why they shouldn't carry out chores. Of course, children are supposed to do chores. It develops them socially and also teaches them responsibility.

However, the problem arises when parents/guardians want children to go on the farm to spend sometimes three-quarters of the day. This kind of action takes away from the childhood experience and also impedes the child's ability to attend school, thus trespassing on his right to education.

News flash to parents and guardians! Children are not modern-day slaves. They should not be overworked nor forced to work at all.

My aim is to debunk the many myths of child labour and for parents to shun the myth that 'adults have pickney fi work'.


Youth Advocate, JYAN