Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Jamaica in chaos

Published:Saturday | June 17, 2017 | 12:03 AM


About 40 years ago when my sister purchased her house in the new development of Portmore (Bridgeport), she had an eight-foot-tall perimeter fence built.

Well, once inspected, she was forced by the parish council to reduce the height based on local ordinance.

As a child, I was impressed with the enforcement of the rules despite the problems for my sister. WHY?

Because I knew then that I wanted to live in an orderly society.

The lack of enforcement of simple laws helps to cultivate criminal activities. Jamaica will never get a hold on its crime situation (and other problems) until civil order is restored! When there is a lack of enforcement of rules/laws/ordinances, a nation explodes in chaos. That is Jamaica's current status.