Wed | Jun 20, 2018

Chris Dehring the right man to lead JOA

Published:Monday | June 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Vijay Tolan and Christopher Samuda, the only two candidates who, according to media reports, are vying to succeed Mike Fennell as president of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) are out of their league. It is very obvious they were not groomed for succession. Chris Dehring is much better suited for it!

The record of history may mar the dynamism of Fennell's tenure by imputing narcissism to him. This is a contagious condition in sports administration, only exceeded in the political arena, where it has the greatest epidemiological potency. It was introduced by Lucifer, the fallen angel. The epidemic has wreaked havoc in international sports, most glaringly, the ones administered by FIFA, the IOC, and IAAF.

Fennell is as blessed with the vitality of age as he had been with the vigour of youth when he assumed the position of president of the JOA. He may have decided to stay in it longer, as it has always seemed to be his call to make.




Other aspiring contenders may have relinquished their ambition wisely, in their opinion, to not risk committing what may have been regarded as an act of suicide to go up against him. In fact, it is well rumoured that a well-known pollster came close to the edge of this precipice and was saved by the spikes in his heels.

All that said, Fennell served well! He deserves a hearty bon voyage - from the heads of all the local sports association and the Government. Samuda and Tolan can be very instrumental in ensuring he does.

Chris Dehring brought excitement with the Mound to warm the hearts of loyal fans bemoaning the moribund condition of West Indies cricket. He followed this up with securing the bid for Jamaica to stage an ICC World Cup Cricket tournament and led its excellent execution. He has been a catalyst and the marketing genius behind SportsMax.

So, room for rent, apply within; when Fennell runs out, let Chris Dehring run in!