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Deplorable service at Spanish Town Court House

Published:Wednesday | June 21, 2017 | 11:15 PM


On the afternoon of June 16, I visited the Court office in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, to confirm a court date that has been before the justice system for two years, only to be told that the customer service personnel could not help with that information.

I informed the young lady who was almost polite, that the last time I attended court was in January, and subsequently, thieves broken into my car and stole my diary and other things. She left, and after some time, returned and told me that she could not locate information on my next court date.

To be on the safe side, I returned on Monday, June 19, and after some three hours of waiting, a middle-age woman, with a 'screw face', in an area of the office with sign, Customer Service, abruptly told me that unless I can tell her the last date I went to court, there was no way she could help we with the information that I needed.

As frustration and bewilderment set in, I recalled that I am acquainted with a senior person at the Ministry of Justice. I called the individual and related the ordeal, they gave instructions that the information be passed on to me, which I got from the intervention.

Had I not know someone in authority to intervene on my behalf, I would have had to visit the Court every day until the end of the month, and listen for my name, failing that, if I was not present in court when the matter comes up for trial, the judge would more than likely issues a bench warrant for my arrest.

We get this type of substandard service because many public servants, like that 'screw face' woman at the Spanish Town Court office, don't regard their employment as acting in the interest of the common man; so you either have to know somebody, run a money, or not get what people are paid to, some of whom are employed in the system through connections and dubious means.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is all over the island imploring Jamaicans to treat each other with dignity (great move), but, Minister, start with the staff at the Spanish Town Court office, and wherever deplorable service is offered in public institutions.

A very, very concerned citizen