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Relieve Ruel Reid of information portfolio

Published:Monday | June 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I've been watching the Government bleeding slowly since April of last year with regard to communication. Information Minister Ruel Reid is doing an excellent job at the education and youth portfolios, but the information portfolio is a huge problem.

I'd thought that State Minister Floyd Green would've stepped up to that position. I think the information portfolio should be moved to the OPM and given to someone with not only great communication and combative skills, but who does not come across as being aggressive and arrogant all the time.

Mr Holness promised to give his cabinet six months to prove themselves worthy, but I don't need months.


$1.5 million tax plan


With the $1.5 million tax plan from last year, we still have the Opposition saying persons were conned when 251,000 persons are now benefiting instead of 118,000 persons in the original plan. Finance Minister Audley Shaw and State Minister Faval Williams had to be explaining themselves.

Regarding the bushing programme, the prime minister had to explain himself. Why we had to continue the $11.4-billion raid of the NHT and instituting a group health insurance tax, Audley Shaw explained himself better.

On property tax, Audley Shaw dropped the ball here, but an excellent information minister would've done it better.

Not all of us watch or listen to JIS or are on social media. It's time to focus on traditional media - newspapers, radio and free-to-air TV stations more. Even if Mr Holness' Government achieves five per cent growth in four years, achieve 250,000 new jobs and reduce the murder rate dramatically, he still can lose because of poor communication.

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, St Ann