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Bartlett's lament has merit

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I have been following with great interest the howls of disapproval by media folks and their like-minded allies over comments made by Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett regarding what he sees as the media's affinity for decorating its front pages with screaming crime-related headlines.

What I got from the minister is that while he is out there in the marketplace competing with other destinations, it would be nice not to have to defend the "salacious" headlines coming out of Jamaica regarding crime.

From the minister's standpoint, tourism as the country's main breadwinner has to be protected. Both earnings and visitor arrivals are up, and there is a level of optimism among stakeholders that hasn't been felt in a very long time.

Now, let's be honest. Who among us would want to see a reversal in the gains we have been making?

Is it unreasonable for the tourism minister to ask for a little assistance in the name of country? Is it unreasonable to expect the media to be a responsible partner?

To sit back and not say anything as the head of a very fragile industry would be tantamount to a dereliction of duty.


Information Officer

Jamaica Information Service