Sat | Dec 15, 2018

Dumb speed limits make roads less safe

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


'Pathetic' comes to mind on seeing the photo in The Gleaner of June 23, 2017, showing two policemen, one with a radar gun, the other stopping vehicles on Michael Manley Boulevard in Kingston.

This four-lane boulevard has a ridiculous speed limit of 50km/h as set by the National Works Agency (NWA). Do the road-safety authorities wonder why many drivers show such little respect for traffic regulations? Mountains of speeding tickets have not made our roads safer. Requests to the authorities to rationalise the speed limits are ignored. Without widespread respect for regulations, there can be little hope for improving road safety. Is the obvious so difficult to grasp?

There are many areas that the traffic police fail to monitor and which can be more effectively deployed to control. Busy intersections get blocked at lunchtime, drivers boor in at the head of a long lane of traffic after taking the shorter lane, and failure to signal change of lane, etc.

I ask the NWA to rationalise our traffic regulations to better guide police deployment.

Dear God, please save us from bureaucratic foolishness that makes our roads less safe.