Tue | Apr 24, 2018

Malahoo Forte dangerous to democracy

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Time and again, I have spoken about Marlene Malahoo Forte, the quasi-attorney general who is playing politics with the rights and freedoms that our Constitution affords us as Jamaicans.

Her statements from last year, which I have bemoaned, hinted to her insidious intentions of curtailing our rights. I am outraged and flabbergasted that our 'attorney general', the person who should advise the Government on the constitutionality of legislation, is an architect of the Zones of Special Operations, Special Security and Community Development Measures Act 2017. I'm also shocked that more people are not speaking out against this farcical piece of legislation.

Mrs Malahoo Forte wants to "abrogate, infringe and abridge [our rights]." These are statements that I do not take lightly as a Jamaican citizen. With no disrespect to Mrs Malahoo Forte, I think she has lost sight of her purpose.

Now, I hope that this piece of legislation is reviewed and redacted to become more tolerable for people like me who fear the ramifications and implications of such a proposed law.