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Letter of the Day | 'New' police powers will legitimise abuse

Published:Wednesday | June 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Exactly who does Ian Boyne think Jamaica belongs to anyway? The politicians, 90 per cent of whom never even had the respect for the job to try to acquire the requisite training prior to, or even while, practising politics, and the vast majority of whom, even after politicking for many decades, reason as if they are continuing to mark time in the 1970s?

We are such a queer people who, having gone to study town planning, medicine, politics and other degreed careers such as education, just get up one morning and decide that we're going to put in charge of all our country a set of people who spent their entire time in office feeling around like headless chickens.

To the point where much-read persons like Mr Boyne could sit down and reason in The Sunday Gleaner of June 25, 2017 that we've reached "the end of our rope", as it were, so let us allow our rights to be abridged, abrogated and infringed in order to, he believes, end the mayhem of murders plaguing us with increased intensity each day.

The fact is, if I were a criminal, whenever the zone of special operations (ZOSO) reaches my area, I would simply RELOCATE to a quiet place until the operation is over - leaving the decent and law-abiding citizens to take the heat. And we all know that that would serve the only purpose of creating a new set of police haters. Also, with the call of this zoning lying within the purview of the prime minister, the operation will likely be subject to political abuse.

I, too, do not support this proposed legislation.

These proposed modus operandi for the police will escalate into a civil confrontation that we have never seen in this country before because much of the 'new' powers to be bestowed on the police are already being practised by them (illegally) anyway. So just extrapolate and we will realise what would happen should the State, under the able leadership of Andrew Holness, legitimise what they have been doing illegally.


Ill-conceived ZOSO


I, therefore, call on the well-thinking part of our brains to lobby against the ill-conceived ZOSO. Let's speed up the training and certification of our youth so that they can hold down those jobs being taken up by foreigners. Let's cut some of the excessive handouts of PATH and teach people the benefits of dignity.

Let's enact legislation that would obliterate the more than 250 gangs that the police claim to know of. Let's train persons to be able to begin the search of all luggage and the person of all tourists (cruisers and others) who, it is believed, are responsible for some of the contraband entering our shores.

Let's create the spaces for agro-processing so that as the mantra goes, we 'grow what we eat and eat what we grow', and, if I might add, export the excess.

Yes, we can!