Thu | Mar 22, 2018

Give my crime plan a chance

Published:Friday | June 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Please indulge me space in your medium to address the Government's quandary in formulating a meaningful and effective anti-crime plan. The following are my recommendations:

- Establish a conglomerate consisting of both political parties, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, the National Democratic Move-ment, the umbrella church group, the Police High Command, the Jamaica Defence Force, Jamaicans For Justice, the Lay Magistrate group, retired judges, the medical and nursing professions, along with members from the volatile crime-ridden areas.

- Revisit the anti-gang legislation to make membership in a gang a serious crime with a penalty of a minimum of 10 years' hard labour.

- Get all politicians to publicly denounce and sever ties with gang members and area dons.

Make it a crime with paramount consequences for any politician known to have affiliation with dons and gangs.

- Appeal to the United States of America to increase their FBI operations in Jamaica to help in the rapid decimation of our ruthless gangs.

- Establish a Get the Guns well-trained elite from the military and police force under FBI management to pursue and capture gang members.

- Establish a special court to effect swift trial and sentencing of murder cases and gang-related crimes.

- Engage the services of social researchers on criminology to make serious analysis of the epidemiology of crime in Jamaica and to treat it as a regular disease with a designated chair established at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

- Government to make annual budget for crime mitigation by systematically eliminating squatter communities and the dismantling of zinc-fence garrisons.

- The Government can solicit international support for a national building project to correct the present housing anomaly.