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Letter of the day | Local Reggae Boyz not good enough

Published:Friday | June 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica rolled over and willingly gave Curacao the Caribbean Cup title this week.

It was a big mistake letting Winfried Schaefer leave, and inevitably, we've gone three steps backwards. We beat Chile convincingly in recent times. Yes, we lost all games in Copa, but we had a very decent showing. We reached the Gold Cup finals, defeating USA along the way.

Despite what others have said, I stand by my opinion. Sch‰fer was probably the best thing that happened to our football since Rene Simoes. I know people will reject this notion, but the facts are there to see.

Theodore Whitmore has failed in all the coaching jobs he's had. Schoolboys with St James High. National U-20. Beach football. They all had poor outcomes. He was a great player in his day, but I'm not convinced about him as a coach.

Now the Jamaica Football Federation is willing to fire the German and back Theodore Whitmore. Why? Because Tappa plays locally-based players? That's what the masses want, right?

The Boyz were nearly undone by French Guiana and totally undone by a professional-looking, very fluid Curacao team. Elson Hooi literally ran the show. He was chased all over the middle of the park. They just had no answer to his many questions. Jarchinio Antonia had Rosario Harriott looking like a ballerina.




We looked like schoolboys against big men. It's amazing that we can't put five passes together. Truth be told, Oneil Fisher did have a pretty decent game for Jamaica.

I'm not bashing the local league, and I think Kevon Lambert looks like a player you could work with, but they are nowhere near any standard for people to be clamouring for local players to 'get a chance'. If you're not good enough, you're just not good enough! Sadly, that assessment applies to the majority of the players in the local league.

We are desperate as a football nation, but we're not in a position to be taking chances.


University Hospital of the West Indies