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Look up 'hypocrite', you'll see Holness, Shaw

Published:Saturday | July 1, 2017 | 12:04 AM
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer Prime Minister Andrew Holness in discussion with Finance Minister Audley Shaw in Parliament.



NHT raid formalised! - Approved law gives Gov't power to take $46b from NHT through 2021 (June 29, 2017)

Rhonda Williams: Boyyyyyyy! Of all the policies this incredible Government has backpedalled on, this one is by far the most hypocritical and downright dishonest and just lie and wicked! How Andrew and Audley carry on over this when PNP did it for the exact same reason, in the sense of budgetary support, I could not imagine in my wildest thoughts that they would be so barefaced to come and do same.

Jamaican Till I Die II: If you look up 'hypocrite' in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Shaw and Holness ... . How can you oppose something so strongly and then turn around and do exactly what you opposed?

Lesa Thomas: I don't understand why the NHT has so much money, yet contributors are having a hard time getting access to it. Why aren't the funds being used to build more affordable housing for its contributors? Smdh!

Omar Blue: NHT will eventually run out of money and collapse if they continue on this trend. If they are removing so much, there is no way it will be able to fulfil its intended purpose..

Marsha Clarks Hutson: To do what? Give more cars to the JCF for them to mash them up? Parked them. If it's to buy lorries like what the JDF have, no problem; or to build affordable houses for the minimum-wage contributors, then not a problem.

Sandra Passmore-Rowe: Thanks to contributors and/or their survivors not claiming their refunds at death, disability or old age, NHT is awash with funds for the Government to raid. If more people in Jamaica and in the diaspora claimed their refunds at 65 or their survivors on death of their loved ones, the NHT wouldn't be raidable.

Shauna Grant: The hypocrisy never ends. It goes to show that Jamaicans are gullible. People need to rail and speak about how outraged they are! Besides, that's what was done when the PNP was in power.

Nicholson Bennett: Wow! I guess the ongoing rhetoric about not enough houses to supply the market because the infrastructure is not there was a lie. Or maybe 11 billion is just too little to try and get people housing?

YK Asani: He clearly stated that if they don't need to withdraw the money from the NHT, they won't, but if he has to, then he will. I think that's fair enough, and they should ensure they have plans in place so that taking money from the Trust won't make it collapse.

Veneth Edwards Dixon: So when that much is taken from NHT, the populace won't get to use their hard-earned contribution to purchase their own home. They will always have to be a tenant. Trifling!

Sheron Davy: How them have so much to give to Government and such little to offer to the poor people who work sweat and tears for them to deduct from their salary and yet we the one who they are robbing can't even get a loan to buy a house?

Glenford Jahnno Ashley: Since NHT has so much, they can increase the amount we get and build more housing solutions in other parishes like Manchester.

Lesa Thomas: Here come the critics. Can't say ya'll don't deserve it. After all, you gave the PNP hell when they did it.

Damaine Farquharson: After unuh drain it weh, unuh going rob to support it next.

Oneil A Blake: They opposed it. They now have a change of heart. We live and we learn. The beauty of being alive.

Norval Brown: So is when minimum-wage workers going to get homes from this agency? They don't give a f*** about us!

Marlene Elizabeth Nairne: You know, all these politicians are the biggest scammers. Dem used to cuss the PNP every day.

Adrian Ormsby: And the average man wants a house from NHT and can't get it. Smh.

Leroy Thompson: Why is the NHT money not being used to make affordable housing for minimum-wage earners? Why is the government so wicked towards this group of people?

Janice Cousins: This is so wrong. After how they behaved when the PNP did it. Smh politics.

John-Rambo Campbell Dem same one argue when PNP did it a couple years ago. #Hypocrites #LabouritesLies

Campbell Kacie: I hate these ph***ing people with every fibre of my being! The money mustn't be touched by either party - not until there is not one single person or family in Jamaica homeless. If you can take out so much money, that means you can build houses and give to the poor and destitute. The whole NHT board should be sacked because they don't have the interest of the Trust or the people at heart.

Barry Boyd: No, no, no, no. This is wrong. Stay the course on the NHT!

Laurel Kerr: Sad day in Jamaica ... . Poor people don't stand a chance. smh

Opal Hutchinson: Dem soon mek it fall inna bankruptcy.

Wayne Grant: This is wrong, straight up wrong!

Shevin Jerome Lewis: There goes my chance of getting a house.

Jennifer Mamby Alexander | Understanding Temporary Insanity (June 28, 2017) - about night noise in Kingston 6

Maureen McLeod: Lawlessness has taken over our island. Just read comments on social media daily and you'll understand the mindset of most. It's disgraceful! Everyone has a right to peace in his/her domain.

Jennifer Clarke-Edwards: Omg! Those are my exact sentiments, just that in my area, the noise stops after 4 a.m. I have called the police in the area, 119, commissioner of police, politicians on both side of the fence. Yes! I even called the business owners as well.

Douglas Simpson: Night noise is a REAL problem, as are lawless taxis and minibuses, as is littering of the streets, urinating on the streets, smoking in public spaces, and robbery and murder and rape and corruption and ... AAAALLL these have laws governing them that are unenforced in most cases, so what do we do? Make more laws that mostly affect the law-abiding!

Norman Chester McKenzie: They do it because there are no consequences. Just do as they please.