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Cayman vs Jamaica

Published:Monday | July 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


A few weeks ago, I, again, had the pleasure of visiting Grand Cayman. It didn't take me long to see the difference between the island and Jamaica.

I was immediately impressed by the efficiency of the airport staff and the cordial treatment I received. The airport's band was the icing on the cake.

Grand Cayman has a seven-mile beach and some of the finest hotels in the Caribbean. The people of the island have full access to their beaches, although they are not allowed to enter private property from the beach. The public beaches are just as beautiful as any beach on the island.

The population of the Cayman islands is now approaching 60,000, while Jamaica's is under three million. Cayman, with its small population and far fewer resources, is now averaging two million tourists. I did not see beggars, the streets were clean, and the motorists sane. The islands have stable economies and a debt to GDP of 18.50%. Compare that with Jamaica's 125%.

I have come to the conclusion that the governmental leaders of Cayman love their people above power and wealth. Many Jamaicans are now looking to Cayman as a source of opportunity.

However, because of our out-of-control criminals and appalling murder rate, the government of Cayman is reluctant to accept Jamaican workers.

Perhaps our leaders should love the people as much as themselves.

R. Oscar Lofters

Kingston 8