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Everyone's a salesman - from parent to politician

Published:Tuesday | July 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


There is disregard for salespeople in most societies because of the belief that once an individual is in sales, he/she is selfish, and is only concerned with pushing their products on customers and pressuring them to buy.

However, what most persons do not recognise is that regardless of the profession they belong to, they are in sales. The Jamaican economy is built by salespeople who sold themselves, their ideas, products and services in order to create corporate giants to provide more jobs and reduce poverty. The ability to persuade, convince and influence a population are ingredients critical to the success of any person. So everyone is a salesperson.

One of the best salespersons in the Jamaican economy recently decided to leave the political scene. She has been praised by many professionals who accredit their success to her selflessness and motivation. Popularly tagged as 'Mama P' or 'Sista P', this master salesperson sold her vision to many in her St Andrew South West constituency, and Jamaica at large, in the form of providing opportunities to compatriots who could not afford an education.

Portia Simpson Miller believed that with the right education, every Jamaican can be socially mobile, and she pitched this belief to many and closed the deal with the majority of Jamaicans. To get investors to invest in the development of Jamaica requires the ability of politicians to sell their ideas and persuade investors that they will receive value for their money.

The Jamaican Government and economy are permeated with persons who are experts at persuasion, marketing and sales and they use these techniques to stay in power and influence the populace.

Successful entrepreneurs and business people develop a vision, then sell themselves the motivation to pursue this vision and convince their employees to believe in their vision. Business people are the group of sales experts who create jobs and offer opportunities to the poor and middle class to raise their families.

Parents have the responsibility of selling their children the belief that with an education, they can make their dreams a reality. Convincing and influencing your children are vital to your success as a parent, and without the right sales techniques, you will fail as a parent. The inability to effective sell in any economy results in epic failure and will not grow a country.


Sales Educator