Sun | Jul 22, 2018

Restore HWT clock to former glory

Published:Wednesday | July 5, 2017 | 12:07 AM


Half-Way Tree Square is the premier hub of activity for Kingston and St Andrew. The area is a bustling commuter location and business district.

The Half-Way Tree clock, an iconic landmark, should be a source of pride for Jamaicans and visitors alike. Built in 1913, the clock tower marked the main arrival and departure point of Kingston.

All four sides of the clock tower are now scorched by fire and have been covered in soot since August 2016 when the pile-up of garbage inside was set on fire. A piece of the roof is missing. The clock itself is out of order.

This once regal showpiece is derelict and is a national disgrace in Half-Way Tree Square.


Structure needs cleaning


The entire structure needs to be cleaned, primed and repainted. Some parts also need polishing. Protective sealant should then be applied over the structure. A new roof is required.

The clock should either be cleaned and repaired or replaced.

It is possible that a digital clock will be more reliable and cost-effective than the mechanical units.

It will also have a more-modern look and be readable at night.

Funding for this important but relatively small project could be sought from, say, TPDCo.This will go a long way towards restoring the city's pride with a proud and fitting clock tower to symbolise our capital, Kingston.