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Butler's my man, but he's up against it

Published:Tuesday | July 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The upcoming Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidential election will be an interesting one. Many names are being bandied all over the place, among them Horace Reid, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, Chris Dehring, Orville Powell, Bruce Gaynor, Michael Ricketts, and Raymond Anderson.

To be in the runnings for the JFF presidency, nominees must have sway with several parish football associations amid a total complement of 13 votes.

Craig Butler is viewed by many as a man with vision and foresight to take Jamaica's football to another level. Many called him crazy because he said the JFF should aim high towards winning a World Cup. I read differently into his so-called, unrealistic target. It's speaks of a man who is willing to carry Jamaica's football past just qualifying for the World Cup but who thinks we have the raw talent of speed and flair here.

This is the only man I see who can fulfil the late Captain Horace Burrell's dream of a franchise/professional premier league in Jamaica, better football fields, a football academy, and an improved Premier League.

I strongly believe Craig Butler is the man to reduce the ballooning expenditure and use the money to procure better fields, etc.

I know Craig Butler is a polarising figure based on his style. He needs to learn how to be presidential. If he wins the election, he will have to relinquish the role of CEO of Phoenix Academy and his agent position for both his sons. I know that Craig Butler can persuade the likes of St Ann FA President Danny Beckford, but he needs three more. He can cross off St James, St Mary, Clarendon and maybe KSAFA off his list.



Ocho Rios, St Ann