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Published:Tuesday | July 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM

'Cops put M16 in injured teen's hand before shooting him, soldier testifies' (Gleaner, July 11, 2017).

That's so wrong, but soldiers were killing people like dogs, too, in West Kingston, so both forces need monitoring. And we all know that the soldiers handle ghetto youths worse than the police.

- Oneil Folkes


When people start to understand the true purpose of INDECOM, they won't blame the system. INDECOM may not have it all correct, but there is a definite need to keep policemen in check!

- Wayne Grant


You don't know how proud I am to be a soldier today. After reading this article, I feel there's still hope yet for Jamaica. Not all of us are corrupt, misguided and led by greed. An innocent man was killed for absolutely nothing.

- Kaniel Cole


And then some idiots want INDECOM to go so that corrupt cops can continue to kill innocent people without any consequences. Hope he rots in prison. Ol' wicked!

- Dane Charles Ellis


This happened in Spanish Town and Mountain View when a popular former policeman was king. But no sin goes unpunished. See how everybody is cuss INDECOM? My neighbour is a sergeant at Hunts Bay and says he has no problem with INDECOM - it was needed. See it yah now! Story come to bump.

- Avia Elliston


I rather put my life in the hands of a million soldiers than one police officer. When JDF personnel will stand and talk to you and even encourage you, the cop would rather shoot you, then talk to you after!

- Vanessa Clarke


If that guy ends up dead or is persecuted, the entire security force will need an overhaul. Even if the constable knew that boy was a criminal, that is definitely not the way you handle things. I would hate to believe their superiors are giving them this undeserved power.

- Kadeem Brown


I'm glad that at least one good, decent, honourable military person spoke up. BRAVO!

- Deyon Murray


I have great, great respect for this JDF member. It takes great courage to stand up against wrongdoing and expose it in a nation that refuses to expose others for fear of being labelled an informer. His parents should also be proud. Someone raised that man right! The rest of the country can take a page from his book!

- Ashley Lewis-Smith


Oh, Lord, please help us. What are we to do now? If we can't trust the ones put in place to protect us, what are we to do?

- Ingrid McKellar


Is that new? No. We just need more honest persons like him to come forward. These dirty corrupt cops must rot in prison and burn in hell.

- Marsha Clarks Hutson


Nothing but to have the boy's fingerprints on the weapon. If the soldier's testimony is credible and the accused is convicted, they should just put the killer in front of a firing squad and call it a day.

- Trevor Coore Sr


You know just when I thought all was lost with our security forces, along came this soldier who decided to take a stand. Kudos to you, sir. There's a lot of wrong that has been done against our citizens by the said security forces whose job it is to serve and protect. Some choose to turn a blind eye. But not you, sir, and for that I commend you.

- Headley Leisa


These corrupt cops make the work of other great police in the #jcflooks bad! Bad apples can only spoil the bunch if they remain! Thanks to this brave soldier's action.

- Lee Max


The island needs a cleansing. Top down. A cleansing that the gangs wearing orange or green can or refuse to solve.

- Andre Beckles Vanessa McKenzie


Yet some of these idiots are against INDECOM.

- Markie Mck


This has been happening for years, over and over. Not saying that everyone the police kill is innocent, but every killing by an officer should be in good faith. That is the problem in Jamaica. Well, someone with a heart has told the truth what he saw. That boy's family can be relaxed to know that that boy was innocent when he died.

- Lukie Brown

Wow! Murderous scum. Worse than the gunmen. You are getting paid to protect and serve,and secure life and property, and that's what you do? Licensed killers!

- Danerey Rose


Finally, someone to speak the truth! Maybe Father God will use his example as one of the good ones still in the land and not give us the adverse judgment we deserve for some of the wicked things we do and say in this country.

- Donna Clarke


It's not the first. They always do it. It's just the first someone other than the residents said they saw. Hats off to you, Mr Soldier Man, but watch your back though. They will be coming for you.

- Daneilia Walker


I wonder what's going to happen now we've placed so much power in the hands of the police. God, help the poor of the inner city. I pray that we'll have more people like this soldier.

- Kamau Hotep-Maat Cleary


I always speak about corrupt police and defend INDECOM. I also speak about the soldiers, because they are less corrupt. People label me as hating the police and having beef with the police, but I know what I know and what I experienced and what I see. I hope all the INDECOM haters and their loved ones will find themselves in a position like this. Then they will know that corruption in the force is real. Thank God for this soldier and I will be praying for these soldiers to speak out about these corrupt police that hide behind the JCF.

- Del Brown


Forward with INDECOM.

- Riley Lauren


Yep. These things a gwaan long time. The police force needs to be purged.

- Andrea Powell Deppiesse


OMG. One has seen the light amid the corruption. Bravo! Bravo! Let's see how this will play out.

- Krypton Wine


I always have respect for the military! This is what you call planting seeds.

- Terry Reid


God, bless this soldier's parents. At least someone was raised right.

Sheree Johnson