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Letter of the Day | Despite pessimism, get ready for job prospects

Published:Friday | July 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On July 13, 2017, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other officials, including the member of parliament, arrived in the almost forgotten and highly marginalised parish of St Thomas to disclose plans to a huge crowd of people, among them several business owners, regarding the development of the former Goodyear complex into a major business hub that will house a variety of government and private businesses, thus creating thousands of jobs.

Although the plan has been welcome by because the parish is in need of major development, including roads and other infrastructure, I am very curious about the move. As a resident of the parish, I have been aware of a number of plans, promises, broken promises, and failed initiatives, so I am not too intrigued with the rhetoric of politicians on proposed developments that are expected to benefit the people.


Wev'e heard it before


To this day, a 2009 newspaper report titled 'Youth information centre for St Thomas by year end' is yet to be accomplished. And the evidence of this initiative is a structure located adjacent to the Social Development Commission building across from the Goodyear Oval, while the youth population increases in numbers and the parish library outgrows its capacity.

On the compound of the former Goodyear factory is a supposed-to-be call centre and controversial building that never materialised into nothing more than a political scandal and millions of wasted dollars. And I can mention more and more issues, but I refuse to be dubbed an alarmist or an enemy of government.

The fact of the matter is that the parish is untapped and is poised for major development, so I am hoping that this effort will become a stunning reality within a reasonable time.

So my advice to the young people especially is while we await the completion of this major project,that they ensure that they are trained and certified in the business or security field in order to be employed whenever the project is completed, or else people from other parishes will be given the opportunity to fill the vacant positions.


Morant Bay, St Thomas