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My crime solutions

Published:Friday | July 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM



While weeding out the criminal elements in the inner-city areas is necessary, the breeding ground or root cause of the criminals, or crime, must be tackled.

We are being told that the security forces will be given additional powers to go into troubled communities to weed out the criminals. However, the criminals may well be anticipating the communities to be targeted, and therefore may already be making plans to migrate.

It is my opinion that an amnesty of some sort should be given to these individuals (gangs) to turn themselves in and take in their weapons, and they will be given a chance to enter into a plea agreement as it relates to the sentence given. It should also be mandatory that, at the end of the sentence served, the individual enter into a rehabilitation programme for a period. The Government may not have all the resources to do the above, but they could seek the assistance of the private sector, which will also benefit from a crime-reduced Jamaica.

Knee-jerk reaction to suppress crime is not the answer.


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