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Letter of the Day | Let's call a truce

Published:Sunday | July 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM


As we have been gathering from the various newscasts, the hospitals have become overwhelmed with an influx of emergency cases. Most of these cases are a direct result of altercations ranging from family feud to gang warfare.

With the country not feeling confident about the zones of special operations (ZOSO), we are likely to have the hospitals continuing to bemoan this plight. This as the lack of confidence being expressed by civil society is, no doubt, looked at as a form of opportunity by criminals to continue to wreak havoc on the society.

Throw in the mix a situation expressed by a caller on a radio programme recently, who witnessed a policeman declining to shoot a fleeing robber who had just robbed a senior citizen. The policeman, we are told, feared a backlash from INDECOM. This happened in broad daylight in, of all places, Spanish Town, one of our criminal Mecca.

So then, ZOSO might not put the dent needed in the crime situation. In fact, some fear a spread of crime to usually quiet communities if gunmen seek to avoid conflict with policemen.

I, therefore, suggest that we treat our situation as that of a country at war with itself and is begging for a truce to be called between warring factions. We probably need to ask the Church to partner with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and civil society groups to meet with these criminals to discuss with them how this truce can be realised, and on a permanent basis.

It is not difficult to find the gang or community leaders, as the police know all the gangs by name, their leadership and locations.

We just cannot continue to live like this in Jamaica. The reality is that we are not getting any closer to being a mature country. Everybody may not agree with this analysis, but that is because there are several Jamaicas.

Leroy Brown