Sun | Nov 29, 2020

Social Media Feedback | Should Angela Brown Burke be next MP of SW St Andrew?

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"You have my love, not the votes."

- Smith-Facey


"Bwoy, mi nuh know Audrey, but mi respect har nuff nuh. You have to be a strong woman to hug up a back-stabber. I give Audrey props because I couldn't sit beside Angela with a smile on my face. I couldn't even fake it if I tried. No wonder the people in her constituency love her. I wish you luck. Audrey. Politics needs people like you, not the arrogant fools that think the party belongs to dem, so no one else should get a chance."

- Lesa Thomas


"The media try to create a war, a battle, a conflict. So glad that people didn't take the bait and allow it to be a respectful contest, where the better candidate wins."

- Bari Blaxx


"Doesn't matter who wins that constituency. It could be a hog paint in orange, they would still vote for it."

- Marlon Davis


"Don't promise that if I were Audrey, that I'd be burying any hatchets!"

- Ray Ford


"I tell you, Jamaicans are the best. Don't ever try to please dem. Try as you may, you just can't. They claim they want peace, but that is a farce. War all the time is their cup of tea. Just a bird's eye view."

- Sonia Johnson

"May the better candidate win. This race needs no animosity or backlashing."

- Travandotenacious Martin


"Say Burke, and you know destruction come with it. So a the same thing PSM waaa fi har place."

- Avia Elliston


"Delegates, do the right thing. Audrey is the best candidate. Can't say you weren't warned!"

- Linval Videomark Nathan


" I suppose if she wins, the councillor post will become vacant, so the EOJ could do a test run and make both elections the same day."

- Wayne White


"I like this no fighting. May the best man win."

- Donna Sweetie B Brown


" #teamaudrey"

- Cynthia Murray


"All the best, ladies."

- Marciaj Vassell


"This is what politicians are made of, double crossed."

- Trudy Whyte