Sun | Jul 15, 2018

No surprise US wins Gold Cup

Published:Monday | July 31, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I wish to commend the football team for making it to the Gold Cup final. Unfortunately, we lost the goalkeeper to an injury, which many believed impacted the game.

Moving forward, I hope a decision-maker from the JFF reads this for consideration.

The USA had 72 per cent possession, Jamaica had 28 per cent. This had nothing to do with losing goalkeeper Blake.

The world was watching Jamaica sitting in the 18-yard box, defending, defending and defending. Surely, we knew the pressure would explode into a goal for the USA.

We didn't move the ball three times across the half-line, especially in the second half. We lacked connectivity and coordination, and it appeared we had no midfield. Was this the coach's plan?

So, JFF, please let this be the last time we see this ineptitude on TV with the world watching. What's the sense of going to a final and playing like this? We have the players and talent. Do we have the coaching capabilities?

Jamaica is not short of players with football talent. The conundrum is infusing and coordinating these talents into a formidable, cohesive unit to perform on the international stage.

Joseph Christie