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Social Media Feedback | Prisoners to be allowed conjugal visits

Published:Sunday | July 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"I am wondering where that sex is going to happen? Is it in the superintendent's office? Furthermore, why weren't the correctional officers told about it before it hit the media? Bobby, you wrong on this. Those sex visits, would gays be allowed, seeing as how the world is changing rapidly and closets are slowly revealing? Because if it's only fi straight people, then you know the human right groups will come at you. Lastly, why hasn't hard work been implemented instead of sex in prison?"

- Avia Elliston


"Low-key prefer this than the distribution of condoms in prison. But on a serious note, what's the sense of restraining them if you are bringing pleasures to them? Free food, more time to sleep, and sex. Sounds like a vacation to me."

- Nick Nickster


"This is crazy! When the woman them get pregnant, where will the father be? We create more monsters in that manner. Now is the time criminal won't have a problem going to prison. Sick decision."

- Delmar Delo-Spartan Shand


"When (former) Minister K.D. Knight made the suggestion of condom being distributed to prisoners a few years ago, there wasn't much uproar about rehabilitation, but look at the comments now. Goes to show how Minister Montague believes in family life and the practice of male to female. It is widely endorsed in the First-World countries."

- Rohan Chanel


"The programme is just to bring in drugs, guns and cell phones into the prison, but most of all, to provide sex fi di prisoner dem. Jamaican Government stop encouraging or rewarding criminals."

- Hillary Green


"Bwoy, am not telling a lie, I can't believe the minister. So it seems like it's OK to go to prison. They all are getting privileges, so why lock them away then? They did have freedom out here and they all try to scar our country - our nice, nice Jamaica - and the people that live here, and this is what you're doing. It seems like the minister has a brother or a son in prison and he is looking out for him. We Jamaicans are so tired of these ministers. We must stop voting. All of them are the same. Not one of them is good, not one."

- Maxine Ford


"For the ones who do not know, for the conjugal visit to happen, that man/woman would have to be previously married before anything of the sort can happen in prison."

- Gemini Essence Watson


"Nothing is wrong with conjugal visits as long as they are married. I don't think prisoners should be awarded sex. Going to prison, they knew the consequences."

- Roshecia Shecie Gooden


If it's a situation where the couple was married before and the man/woman is on a life sentence, then maybe I could agree. But just willy-nilly random? Nope, can't agree wid dat.

- JohannAndrine Jayden Jian Cover


"This same minister says he is going to put prisoners to work and instead of that he is allowing prisoners to have sex. I hope the women prisoners can get visits, too, and not just the men. Now more people gonna kill easy and go prison cause now it seems like prison is gonna be a bed of roses."

-Shantel Bella Love


"Mr Security Minister, sir, the other day you met with Rudolph Giuliani. A wonda if a him give you the advice. It doesn't seem much thought was given to this before the public announcement. Jamaica would like to know how this will work, so please explain."

- Williamson Feliz


"Look, for many of u, maybe things have to happen for you to see that Jamaica is behind the time and they are trying to do what other countries do."

- Nicole Sharpe