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Social Media Feedback | Use natural resources to better Jamaica - Garvey

Published:Sunday | July 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"I just need someone to tell me why Jamaica is importing food, because most of what they are importing is not good. I went to Jamaica and I was so shocked to see the supermarket shelves. I swear I was still in NY. If Jamaicans only know how bad some of these are. Wake up people and stop being lazy and start back the garden."

- Marsha Andy


"With a name like 'Garvey', Dr Garvey is on to something. And time is proving him right that Jamaica has mistakenly placed its growth-strategy efforts more into trawling in search of foreign investments as opposed to efficiently using the natural and human resources at our disposal. It's considered a feather in their cap for our politicians to go abroad and on their return, brag about the loans they have secured and/or how many new businesses they have lured into setting up shop in Jamaica. And, still, look where we are."

- Ray Ford

"The Honourable Michael Manley had been saying that for years - grow your own food and stop the imports."

- Philip Bonitto


The land space is limited. Bauxite mining has ravaged the arable land in Manchester, St Ann, Clarendon and St Elizabeth. Frequent droughts and floods are challenges for the farmers. Young people are encouraged to be white- and blue-collar workers. Very few parents will want their children to be farmers."

- Glenford Ashley


"It is very sad, but true, that we are heading to our own slavery and putting our children in it. What are we waiting for, an invitation to take back our country? Everyone is securing their own borders, but we leave ours open for everyone to freely take. Keep our jobs for us, boss man. Just like what Grand Cayman and Bermuda are doing. Come on. I need to work in my homeland and be with my babies. I am tired of leaving my children. Enough. Do something."

- Debbie N Samuels-Mairs


"Not a new cry. Certainly won't be the last. Policymakers are not visionaries. Soon this rock won't be ours."

- Linval Videomark Nathan


"Jamaica is a banana republic controlled by house slaves who are only interested in their own personal success. If you check the voting public that voted for those people, I would be shocked if one per cent of the voters know that Jamaica has a debt burden of US$1 trillion. None of them cares to know. Just look at what is happening within the nation. Simpson Miller sold the island to the Chinese and Holness is only doing the formalities. All in all, Jamaica will be a full-blown Chinese colony in 10 years."

- Chryst Kyng


Fitzroy Rhoden Sr

"They will only listen when you PAY them to. Sad, but is true!"

Lilieth Taylor

"Exactly. Also, stop selling out our assets".

Richard Weston

"Well said, sir."