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Letter of the Day | Give LGBTs an inch and they'll take a mile

Published:Thursday | August 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


A pastor and a priest have advocated, over the last few weeks, for the repeal of the buggery law with seemingly no consideration for the interested parties or even the implications of said repeal.

Members of the LGBT community are humans for whom Christ died, for whom we continue to pray and minister to. The LGBT agenda, however, is a totalitarian, aggressive, evil-loving, and demonic global operation that has aimed, with appalling success, to create legal frameworks for the subjugation of the truth concerning sex, which, in turn, has impacted the family, marriage, and literally every sector of society.

It flies on the wings of secular humanism, the world view or life stance that religion should have no impact on public policy; though itself being the religion of the irreligious.




On July 27, 2017, four days after the notorious Gleaner headline 'Free up buggery', the United Kingdom celebrated 50 years since the removal of their buggery law. Paul Johnson, author of the 1996 book Quest for God: A Personal Pilgrimage, in explaining the cunning rise of the LGBT political movement, notes, regarding the repeal of their buggery law:

"Thus we began by attempting to right what was felt an ancient injustice and we ended up with a monster in our midst, powerful and clamouring ... vindictive towards anyone who challenges its outrageous claims, and bent on making fundamental - and, to most of us, horrifying - changes to civilised patterns of sexual behaviour".

Incremental moves, made by men with noble intentions in the name of sympathy, progress and compassion, accomplished the unimaginable, long-term goals of the LGBT political movement there, and almost everywhere.




Within a week of the anniversary, August 2, 2017, as if to give the celebration a 21st-century portrait, the court ruling was delivered regarding Pastor Trayhorn, who, having preached God's forgiveness from I Corinthians 6:9-11, was forced to resign after homosexuals took offence.

The court upheld the decision of the Employment Tribunal, stating that quoting that scripture could legitimise mistreatment of homosexual prisoners. As if one portrait was not enough, the case of Richard Page, a Christian magistrate and justice of the peace of 15 years who was dismissed for saying, in a closed-door consultation on an adoption case, that a child should be raised by a mother and a father, was also due for a court ruling. The ruling was reserved.

These two cases are drops in a bucket already filled with the bitter fruit of the secular-values revolution that is hostile towards Christians, the gospel and genuine freedom.

No matter how well intentioned, sympathetic or noble the intentions of Garnett Roper and Lord Bishop Howard Gregory, or any other individual who supports the repeal of the buggery law, history has already shared the implications with us.

We would be wise to not walk that path as well. For if we give an inch, the LGBT advocates will take an aggressive incremental societal revolution. Just ask the UK!



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