Thu | Feb 25, 2021

Suggestions for better tomorrow

Published:Wednesday | August 16, 2017 | 12:24 PM


Over the years, I have seen the weakness in the health-care system, especially where treatment of patients is concerned, and the weakness of the judicial system where justice is concerned. I thought of the ways in which something can be done by the government to help remedy these shortcomings without having a major financial fallout or impact.

In respect of health care, where there are constant complaints of overcrowding and staff shortages in our public hospitals and health centres across the island, the government could look at the following suggestions.

They could partner with private hospitals and private practitioners on a quota basis, giving them tax waivers or tax incentives to absorb some of these patients. This would certainly help in easing the burden of the staff and health facilities and lead to a better health-care system and healthier society.


This approach could also apply to the judicial system where private legal firms and private practising, experienced attorneys can be approached on a temporary basis as judges in our several courts day and night to preside over cases to alleviate the backlog of cases. These private attorneys could also act as prosecutors and defence attorneys, giving them the same tax waivers or incentives as the medical professionals.

It has been evident over the years that long delays in trials of offenders, in most cases, lead to injustices on the part of the complainants and even defendants. We see witnesses die, vanish and persuaded in some way or the other to change their statements.

In my view, these approaches could also be cost-effective.

Dudley Brown