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Bridgeport's Mark Mills a standout teacher

Published:Monday | August 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I would like to use this opportunity to tell Jamaica about Mark Mills, whose teaching knowledge and methodology make him a standout.

Mr Mills is from Africa and has been with Bridgeport High School for some time. His accent makes us laugh all the time, but regardless of how he speaks, he is able to do one thing: ensure that you understand what is being taught. He is the most patient, most passionate teacher I have ever come across during all my school years.

Having even gone through university, Mr Mills puts in hours into preparing materials for his classes, and he even facilitates weekend extra classes at various times, as well as a marathon session once per month. The work that he puts in to get students to pass is more than what the students themselves put in.

There are many people who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge but who don't know how to impart that knowledge. I sat CSEC maths two previous times, and this was my third attempt. I was successful simply because of Mr Mills, and for this, I want to say a warm thank you, Mr Mills!

We need more teachers like you.


Participant, CSEC 2017