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Floods hit even the US

Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Can drainage stop record levels of rainfall? I ask that question in light of the current floodings in the state of Texas, US.

I'd remember months ago how persons played politics and blamed bush work for the flooding in some sections of Jamaica. Even though the drains were cleaned, we still had flooding. Communities and the Government were blamed for building houses in flood zones.

I remember how persons launched debates about building drains so we won't have floodings. I ain't going to be naive and say we don't need to improve our drainage system and warn persons not to build in certain areas known for floodings. According to the ODPDEM, around 10 inches of rainfall was dump on Clarendon alone, but one should be reminded that annually Jamaica experiences 47-51 rainfall inches.

So let's go to Texas: We all see the destruction Hurricane Harvey caused and the heavy rainfall that ensued. This is the worst flooding in years, with record rainfall of 30-50 inches. I remember I was in a group where some 'frighten Friday' Jamaicans were telling me that these types of flooding never happen in the US because they have good drainage systems, plus their government doesn't allow persons to build anywhere and everywhere.

Even the blind could've seen that the non-stop rainfall we had for over 48 hours in April was unprecedented.


Ocho Rios, St Ann