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Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Going After The Guns - New FLA board to be mandated to revoke hundreds of licences issued under questionable circumstances

Greg Freeland: Are these licensed gun owners doing all the killing?

Walter S. Moore: I know I am not the brightest bulb in the shed, and neither am I pretending to be, but why would a criminal get a gun permit? I do not get the logic. It is like, why would a car thief need a driver's licence, to steal cars?

Mark Anthony: It's going to be an inconvenience to folks who legitimately have gun licences, but so be it. A thorough investigation needs to be done to eliminate those. Daily, it seems that the news concerning the FLA gets worse. The water is muddy, real muddy, and won't get clear any time soon.

It's obvious that corruption was rife in that agency and those responsible need to face the full extent of the law.

This in no way can continue ..

Marvia Valentine: Stop giving it to criminals. Sex offenders or people with records shouldn't be eligible. Corrupted ppl in high places that do not followed rules and regulations.

Chris Duncan: Integrity Commission quiet. Trevor Monroe and his Pain P lackeys silent. KMT

Avia Elliston: So Bunting fly out saying it wasn't him, meaning him party clean like whistle. He must think we born big. Then Robert Gregory said that in his time, any gun issue he could explain, and the FLA business shouldn't be out in the public like that. Dwl these crooks because them can afford security.

Ray Ford: As I remarked, Jamaica is like a bathtub, where the Dr Yings of Jamaica are saying, 'pour in'. And entities like the FLA are opening the drain at the bottom end, saying, 'Let's sell criminals, gun permits'. Dr Ying, when you and Jamaica are serious, give me a call. Time is valuable. And I'd rather not, waste any of mine.

Maxine Noble: It takes the death of a young boy for this kind of thing to get shaken up. When will corruption and favouritism end?

Khal Campbell: The last time something like this happened when the police were issuing permits, many legitimate persons lost their permits because of the unscrupulous behaviour of the persons issuing the permits. Criminals are just laughing at this and waiting for the opportunity, because as soon as business people and decent citizens lose their permits, they will become sitting ducks. It's so ironic that criminals can get a gun so easily but decent folks have to wait up to two years or more to acquire a permit to protect their life and property.

Bari Blaxx: Revoking their permits is all good, but will those who were corrupted by both PNP and JLP be exposed and persecuted for issuing weapons to the killing field? Or another nine days' talk!

Maxine Small Dandy: Awesome! Get rid of the corruption. This will make people's lives less miserable. When you guys finished, take a walk among the politicians and get rid of some more corruption, then you'll see how crime goes down.

Phillip Gayle: With the amount of illegal guns on the streets as was evidence in the Tivoli stand-off. It's really quite redundant news to be highlighting the corruption of the FLA.

Ann Edwards: Long, long overdue. Too many trigger-happy persons have easy access to getting a permit. I welcome all interventions in stemming corruption.