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Social media feedback | 'Cash for guns' (Gleaner, September 4, 2017)

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Jamaican Till I Die II: Compared to the 2010 Tivoli invasion, so far zone of special operations (ZOSO) is a public-relations stunt where the PM gets to stand in front of TV cameras and look and sound prime ministerial and look serious with his generals. The commander-in-chief!

CASH FOR GUNS? Tell me that is a trick to rope the murderers in and shoot them. They can now trade in the OLD guns and buy new ones with taxpayers' money. Any murdering gunmen still in Mount Salem community in St James is not walking around with Bibles shouting, 'Praise the Lord and cover them Jesus. They are now innocent lambs."

This is war! OVER 1,014 Jamaicans murdered and the terrorists are on the loose. We continue to treat them like normal human beings.

We are going into the sixth day of the zone of special operations (ZOSO) in the Mount Salem community in St James. How will we measure the success and failure of ZOSO? What are the objectives and the expected major milestones?

Is ZOSO a suppression operation or an elimination operation? ZOSOs are nothing but another name for curfews, stops and searches ... . We had all those tools already on the books and already at the security forces' disposal, including amnesty. So why do we need to wait on ZOSO to use these strategies? What makes a curfew branded ZOSO different from curfews of the past, and those in the past were more productive? BUT these are early days of ZOSO, and maybe over the next 57 days it will be more productive. The first 24 hours of any operation like this is the most important since it is within those initial 24 hours that the security forces have the element of surprise and can be more effective. After the initial 24 hours, it becomes nothing but the usual cat-and-mouse game. Since the start of the year, Jamaica has recorded more than 1,014 murders, 24 per cent more than for the corresponding period last year.

During the 2010 Tivoli attack, 980 Jamaicans were detained during the first two days. In the two-month state of emergency that followed, more than 4,000 people were detained. Also during the two days' operation, at least 69 people were killed and at least 54 people, including 28 members of the security forces, injured.

Travandotenacious Martin: Only knives and machetes found ... . No guns, no bullets, no conviction ... . Can't be announcing ZOSO to the media houses. Too much info for criminals to flee. Launch in silence if you want it to be fruitful. I have never seen US doing any operations and announce it before they make a move.

Davina Allen: I keep seeing these comments saying "it's been three days, why hasn't more been accomplished?!?" Because it's been three days. This problem has festered for years. Give the new initiative a chance to be deployed and improved before you declare it a failure. Honestly. People want something for nothing.

Bari Blaxx: Where are the guns? Didn't your intelligence show you, Mr PM, that they had vanished? The success of the ZOSO will be judge by weapons recovered and criminals convicted. So far, this seems to be fruitless.

Anthony Ubuntu: Just another toothless old dog. Imagine they have wasted time, resources and tax dollars in that Mt Salem area while gunmen were burning, shooting and terrorising the community of Granville. Andrew Holness would reward murderers and thieves after they have just robbed and killed our friends and family. What a joke!

Joan M. Samuels: Lord, have mercy on Jamaicans! We pray that God will change the hearts of those who are angry. God has been merciful to Jamaica and so can you be merciful by not killing? So sad!

Joan Clarke: If what they say is true about how easy it is to get guns and ammunition, the gunmen can start a very lucrative business out of what the PM is proposing. They can just bring in guns, collect money, and easily replenish their stock.

Steve Watson: Call out the soldiers of Jamaica and use helicopters to drop them in every nook and cranny of Jamaica and dig out these criminals! Shoot them dead if you have to! It's getting too bad now in our little Jamaica! I'm pissed!

Kardo Mike: Criminals are criminals. They will never give up their guns. Start to give 15-year jail times to anyone found with a gun. Start making the sentencing guideline for crimes committed much tougher.

Demetri Chambers: But why does the prime minister seem to be the head of this thing? This is such a good idea, but implementation is terribly lacking. PM is looking a hype. Come on, this is not about you.

Yolanda Davis: Oh, yuh mean, about time unnu show dem bad bwoy who a boss! Dem a gwaan like dem a boss fi too long. Tek weh dem ammunitions and confiscate dem. Find out weh di shipment a guns and ammunition a come from and the big drug trade who control it.

Shawn Reid Jah: Clear them out. These idiots are stifling the future of Jamaica. I wait to see the day when Jamaica can prosper. If you are going to go at these guys or gals, go hard and done.

Lukie Brown: Well, this idea need to start in the police force first. Send some police to prison first. And then clean up the community around the island. Citizens will not tell what they see and know in their neighbourhood because they see the police link the same people who are killers, so what sense is there in providing information?

Jamaica is out of control now based on crime. It's a bit too late now for that kinda thing to work, but turn guns in for reward. Can't blame the PM who is in power now; it's just two years him in power. One party alone can't clean up what's going on in Jamaica right now.

Davin Mills: In the fight to reach the top, the oppressed have always been encumbered by the traitors of their own country, made up of those of little faith and those generally susceptible to bribery for the selling out of the rights of their own people.

Marlo Davis: When you announce these things, don't you think that you're giving the actual persons who you're trying to apprehend a head-start to hide their guns and ammunitions? Stuff like this shouldn't be live for the public. One. needs sudden arrival and to catch them by surprise. This will never turn out successful if wanted men just pack up and leave before all that takes place. Do you really think results will come from all of this?

Steve Watson: Ask America for help if you can't manage, Andrew. Please, sir, there are thousands of Jamaicans in the US Army. Let them come and help! Jamaica is being held hostage by these gun fools!

Nadine Williams-Taylor: Keep trying, Mr PM. Don't listen to the negative comments as you try to clean up their mess. I pray God grant you guidance always.

Kevin Murray: Note to the ZOSO. Stop announcing your plans! Why would you inform the criminals when and where you're going to be?

Steve Watson: Jamaica needs a guerilla war team for these criminals, to slaughter them. Somebody who doesn't fear walking into their communities and wiping them out! It's too much now, Jamaica, too darn much!

Mark Anthony: Sighs. I have seen it so often said since the ZOSO began. They shouldn't have announced that they were coming.

Do we really think that the gunmen start moving and burying their guns the day after the announcement was made ?

The man dem a nuh ediat. Dem start doing that long time ago. So the announcement of the ZOSO isn't the reason why they haven't found any guns to date. It's not like the man dem a guh clean dem gun and put dem under the bed.

My only issue with the ZOSO is that it wasn't carried out simultaneously in the targeted communities. I think that would be more effective.

Winsome Williams: Mothers, babymothers, aunts, uncles, fathers' girlfriends, please tell the police where the guns and the gun boys are.

Del Brown: Mr Holness, continue what you are doing. Don't get distracted. You are trying. All the guns did not get in a year ago. Jamaica is a very corrupt country with a lot of corrupt people that want to see everything you do fail. Put God first and stick to the plan.

Michael Hamilton: The guns and gunmen gone as soon as you announced ZOSO. By the way, no gunman is going to turn in his gun.

Rand Davis: Good job, PM. May God continue to give you wisdom. A good start.

Audley Byfield: Create special squads to gather intelligence, identify targets, arrest and detain offenders, and give them the authority to deal with any resistance harshly and decisively, with a 'dead or alive' policy. There should be snatch squads whose sole purpose is to seize wanted criminal gunmen stealthily. There can be no hiding place for those who are at war with society. These squads should be made up of Jamaicans who have a love for their country, and who are dedicated and prepared to sacrifice all for the preservation of law and order in Jamaica. It is time for the authorities/Government to end the pussyfooting, and get tough with those folks who are a blight on Jamaican society. Root them out like weeds and destroy them, once and for all.

Love Rizzy: Why give an amnesty? Just go get the darn guns and eradicate whoever using them against the State.

Vasco-dagama Vasco-dagama: SOME ARE FOR SELF DEFENCE SO PISS-OFF!

Pamella Lumsden: The sad part of all of this is that lots of the people who know who has the guns - their friends, father's, brothers, sons. Women are also hiding guns for their men. Why don't you reveal the murderers?.

Richard Fagan: The blame game will never end until people within the communities stop condoning their families n friends who are the GUNMEN and GUNWOMEN. Solution: When the guns come in, melt them ALL so they stand no chance of returning to the streets. If you don't, take the guns off the streets and the same police will put them back on the streets.

Jacqueline Lindo: It is an amnesty with a name change.

Clovis Thomas: This man needs to clear the way and allow the security forces to do their job, although it sounds senseless to me.

Cottrell Hyatt: Do cash-for-guns programmes actually work?

Omar Blue: The criminals have migrated to other areas until the 30 or 60 days have passed.

Merdy Morgan: Bring in the guns cause unu nuh bad without guns.

Florence Peart: Prime Minister, please don't forget Clarendon.

Lorna Gopaul: Why yuh giving information to gunmen? Your operation should be secret.

Denton Henry: This guy really thinks that by pampering these criminals, anything is going to change.

Veronica Rtinez: We need that kind of movement in all of the parishes.

Tamara Sterling Heading to Crawford Street.

Askeem Williams Great effort, Mr Prime Minister.

C George Mortley: Fake Prime Minister.

Keream Gunners Griffiths: Yes, keep working, Mr Prime Minister.

Nichola Eboney Wright: Clean them up.