Wed | Jan 27, 2021

Wrong figures

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Security Council has admitted to giving wrong figures to the government. Is an apology enough?

What impression does this create in the minds of an already-cynical citizenry? I do not think that this matter should be taken lightly. And I will tell you why.

First, figures closer to the real ones were in the possession of others hostile to the government. Did these more accurate figures come from another source. What source is that?

Second, this problem seems to plague all Jamaica Labour Party governments I can remember. Ministers are given wrong information on a regular basis. On other occasions, information is 'unavailable' or 'late', making government officials and ministers look incompetent and even corrupt.

The 'mistakes' and 'miscalculations' and 'slip-ups' and 'lapses' are happening far too often. It is either that the parties are careless or incompetent. Others are just the work of the architects of mischief. In any of these cases, they are too dangerous to have around,

Glenn Tucker