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I take Trevor Munroe very seriously

Published:Sunday | September 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am appalled, hurt and discouraged by the inexplicable ramblings of one Fabian E.R. Lewis writing with the authority of being a guest columnist of the venerable Gleaner, under the damaging caption 'Can anyone take Trevor Munroe seriously?'

There is one sentence at the start of the second paragraph with which I totally agree. I quote in part: "But even more serious is the partisan nature in which many so-called civil-society groups (and individuals) operate."

This statement of fact applies to the writer. My surprise and great disappointment is that your editorial staff were apparently not able to detect this and so allowed the publication of useless diatribe that contributes nothing to constructive dialogue.

The Gleaner has been doing national service by providing a platform for many Jamaicans to share their views on how to tame the corruption beast. The privilege you extended to Fabian E.R. Lewis was misplaced.

I have no need to defend Trevor Munroe. He has a past, which is well known and which some people may never allow him to forget. My hurt arises from the selfless work being pursued by an army of persons, including myself, under his leadership, to stamp out corruption in Jamaica. God forbid that we (that I) should ever be charged with being politically partisan on the basis suggested by Mr Lewis.

Every question is deserving of an answer. Yes, I can take Trevor Munroe seriously.