Thu | Oct 18, 2018

Public-sector lameness stymieing productivity

Published:Friday | September 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I'm eagerly awaiting the transformation of the public sector. There are too many persons warming chairs and occupying office spaces in which they should not rightfully be.

Nepotism and McGregor's Y Type government employees are the Achilles heel of growth and development. They have caused havoc in the lives of countless citizens. Now, lest my premise be misunderstood, I'm more interested in seeing a job being done properly than in knowing who has the job. So, if an individual cannot get a job done properly, another person should be employed.

It should not take the voice of a bigwig or big shot to get things done in Jamaica or for basic duties to be carried out, especially in the public sector. That is a sad state of affairs, but so are the affairs of this sad State.

I'm pleased that the DPP, Paula Llewellyn, and Justice Minister Delroy Chuck could have a first-class seat for a ride from some of the inept public-sector workers who constantly try to justify their lukewarm or frigid behaviour.

That level of insensitivity and uncaring way of doing business should not be seen in public servants anywhere, but it is what the ordinary citizen must endure daily.

Recently, I went to the Registrar General's Department (RGD) to collect a document that I applied for online. After joining a line and patiently waiting to present the info received by email after making my payment online, I was reliably informed by the teller that I could not get the document at her window with my digital info and that I had to join another line to get the same digital info printed on a page at another window.

So I queried, why do I need to join another line to get it printed when I have the invoice and reference number on my phone? I was told that is the procedure. So I further asked the teller, why are you not able to print it from your computer?

She replied, "Sir, a so them say it fi go." I just shook my head and complied. Going to two windows and getting a printed page in order to pick up a document I applied for and paid for online. I consider that a waste of time, resources, and unnecessary overlapping of roles.

Why do I need a physical document in order to complete or collect a digital order?

Joseph Edwards