Tue | Jan 26, 2021

‘Jamaica Accountability Metre Portal’ — what a joke!

Published:Wednesday | September 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am exceptionally happy to learn that Jamaica has an 'Accountability Meter Portal (JAMP)'. Finally, something to hold these cunning politicians to account! I have a few questions though: First, who inna di People's National Party (PNP) come up wid such a brilliant idea? Second, how come dem neva develop it long time, more to di point, wah mek dem neva use it fe measure demself? And finally, dem really expect Jamaican people fe buy dis?

If there is one thing the PNP has working in its favour, it is its incredibly organised political machinery, and 'ideas mill', and were this 'JAMP' not just one of the PNP's political tool masquerading as a legitimate, independent and objective body, it could have the capacity to have some real impact.

Referencing the ongoing issue of the prime minister being misquoted and to whom he is accountable, the 'executive director' of the so-called accountability meter concedes that the prime minister did not, in fact, say he doesn't answer to the political ombudsman. She goes on, however, to say that in his own diplomatic way, that is exactly what the prime minister said. It seems even she is confused by all the 'counterfeit' news circulating about the matter.

Clearly, neither she nor any of the columnists who have been wielding their righteous pens have bothered to listen to the tape. What these people have in common is a certain level of ignorance which, in the age of technology, when information can easily be verified, seems to be quite deliberate and intentional.

Under the cloak of ignorance, they are justified in issuing scathing rebukes to the prime minister and are most shamefully presented with the platform upon which to spread untruths. It is most unfortunate, and, editorial or not, care must be taken by the media not to misrepresent any subject or subject matter.

Shalom Grey