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Unbearable stench in Seaview Gardens

Published:Friday | September 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Where there is injustice, there can be no peace.

I was appalled when I visited Seaview Gardens, a highly populated community. As I drove along the street adjoining the very wide gully, the stench coming from the gully and the nearby Riverton City dump was unbearable.

I, along with another justice of the peace, was visiting the police station to meet with other justices of the peace, police officers, and citizens in the area to establish a District Consultative Committee.

District Consultative Com-mittees are established to foster better relationships between citizens and police officers in the community and to increase collaboration and trust.

At the meeting, I was even more alarmed when citizens complained about some nearby factories dumping their waste in the community itself.

Then it called to mind that the accumulation of garbage producing the stench is coming from many uptown residents. The gully spreads out like a river of garbage that heads to the sea. It doesn't take any stretch of imagination to say what happens after that.

This is injustice.

The citizens of Seaview Gardens and Riverton City need to breathe healthy, fresh air at all times.

When will we as a people stop dumping in the gullies?


Custos of St Andrew

Kingston 10