Wed | Dec 12, 2018

Annoyed by FLOW service

Published:Saturday | September 30, 2017 | 12:04 AM


Since Thursday last week, I have had on-then-off landline and Internet service. Having ascertained that my three immediate neighbours, who also use FLOW, were having no such interruptions, it was rather easy to deduce that the problem was either with my modem or with their line into my house.

Since the afternoon of Saturday, September 23, the service ceased entirely. I've spent more than J$700 on calls from my cell phone to FLOW over this period trying to convince them of this.

A technician left here 10 minutes ago (Thursday, September 28). He spent a total of five minutes to change the modem, power it up, reset it, then BINGO. (Thanks to the interventions of Andrew Howell and Cherine Nicholson, the former, a family friend).

I'm willing to trade my services as a troubleshooter with FLOW on a consultancy basis, in lieu of the incalculable loss in financial opportunities that passed me by during this period. (I made it clear since the very beginning that as an international development consultant, my livelihood is tied up with having access to the Internet as well as a telephone.)

Do you think they will take up this soft option?

I won't be holding my breath. Instead, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have even one month of uninterrupted service as of Friday, in addition to realising the tenuous hope that I will see a rebate on my next bill. Will keep you all posted.