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'Informer' headline sends wrong message

Published:Tuesday | October 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


As a carrier of Jamaican news, home and abroad, and with the challenges our young country faces in terms of the cancer called crime, it is very irresponsible for THE STAR to have published the headline 'More J'cans becoming informers - Calls to Crime Stop double in September' (September 28, 2017).

As Jamaicans, we know the term 'informer' has a negative meaning. In this sense, the teller/informer is invariably wrong in doing so. Thus, this says that being an informer is wrong and that the criminal/crime is in the right, and that those who report criminals/crime are incorrect to wish to stop said crime from occurring.

Bearing in mind the high murder rate in Jamaica, it is the responsibility of the media to report from any positive perspective, therefore helping to lead the charge against crime.


Grossly irresponsible


The newspaper was grossly irresponsible, as many people will take the negative meaning of what an informer is and desist from letting the police or any other authority know about any criminal activity.

Not only is it shallow reporting and poor journalism, it shows a lack of professionalism and appreciation or understanding of the dire situation in which Jamaica finds itself. I must say that if this is the reporting Jamaica must become accustomed to, people will no longer wish to be labelled an informer.

The article could have been otherwise headlined 'Jamaicans take the fight to crime: Calls to Crime Stop ...'; or 'Jamaicans have had enough! Calls to Crime Stop ...'; or 'More Jamaicans call Crime Stop ...'.

I think that with more positive headlines about the push against crime, the better it will be for our little island.