Thu | Nov 22, 2018

Oh, for some flag consistency

Published:Thursday | October 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Five of us retired professionals attended the funeral service of a loved one who was a son, brother, father, nephew, uncle, cousin, and medical technologist. He was shot and killed and the sad occasion brought about an unplanned large-family reunion, for relatives arrived from the continents.

We sat in the church and admired the beautiful beige and cream drapery which covered the length of the back wall and only a flag broke the colour scheme of that elaborate theatre-like backdrop. The top of the flagpole touched the ceiling and it was a sheer, see-through, gentle fluttering of black, blue-green and best-butter yellow. The platform scene, with shapes and flowers was a designer's dream but we were vexed that anybody, it seems, can make up a Jamaican flag in black, use any of 33 shades of yellow, any of the hundred shades of green, in any pattern with something of an X, narrow or broad, in the middle. That can't be right for a nation to have so many different shades and shapes of its flag.

Although we're up to our necks in trouble and age, we remember standing in the sun; 'middy blouse and skirt', on the 24th of May, to celebrate the queen's birthday. We each had a Union Jack flag - red, white and blue - that has not changed. We sat in the stadium and watched as our beautiful flag in black, green, and gold, slid up to the top of the pole on Independence night. If the national flag is a symbol of stability, then we have to stick to the texture, pattern, and colours selected by our venerable legislators. They knew there were dozens of shades of yellow, so they chose gold. They left fixed colours - black, green and gold. Will somebody ensure the right flag is hoisted on Heroes' Day?

Veronica Blake Carnegie