Tue | Oct 16, 2018

INDECOM lament out of place

Published:Friday | October 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a place and time for everything under the sun. Clear examples are cited in that book of the Bible to include a time to build and a time to tear down.

Gunmen have been killing citizens in Jamaica at a rate of more than 50 per 100,000 of our population, resulting in more than 1,300 murders per year. It means, therefore, that you are 10 times more likely to be murdered in Jamaica than to be bitten by a dog.

The police are reporting that there are approximately 263 active gangs across the island, which are heavily armed with the highest calibre weapons available. They are not afraid to use those weapons.

The police remain the only line of defence between the criminals and the citizens. Some have sacrificed their lives in the protection of the life and property of the citizens.

The police who are carrying out what we could call a sacrificial job should be supported and encouraged to go after these criminals before they subject us to the Charles Taylor and Liberian experience where that state was overthrown by criminals.

Instead of supporting the police, especially at this time, we find some who are busy trying to tie the hands and feet of the police. Just at a time when the police seem to be recovering from their stress and battle-weariness with the capture of 'Duppy Flim' and a few others, and the recovery of a large number of illegal firearms, here comes INDECOM with its one-sided report to Parliament that looks at the increase in fatal shootings, but fails to take into account the increase in attacks against the police and civilians.

I hope the hard-working policemen and women will not allow this report to push them back into relapse, but that they will continue in the fight against these criminals. The report of INDECOM would not find favour with Ecclesiastes, as it is both out of time and place.