Mon | Oct 22, 2018

We've had it with Donald Trump

Published:Tuesday | October 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


President Donald Trump is a disgrace to America.

To date, and, as reported on CNN, he has made more than a thousand non-factual statements, both written and verbal. He has, single-handedly and unabashedly, made a mockery of truth, diplomacy, statesmanlike behaviour, leadership, and empirical data.

While in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, he gleefully tossed paper towels to a gathering of that island's citizens as if they were his lowly subjects. While there, he thanked the Puerto Rican governor and others seated around a table, but, glaringly, failed to thank the hard-working and diligent mayor of San Juan, who was present. Prior to Trump's visit, she had criticised his and his administration's less-than-swift response to Puerto Rico's plight.

Recently, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was engaging in diplomatic talks, Trump tweeted that Tillerson was wasting his time trying to negotiate with 'Rocket Man'. Now, all well-thinking Americans - Democrats and Republicans alike - as well as many well-thinking people across the globe, are suffering from PTSD - post-Trump stress disorder.

Hopefully, he will be impeached and/or voted out of office in 2020.