Fri | Oct 19, 2018

Do legwork on citizenship of MP hopefuls

Published:Saturday | October 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


People's National Party (PNP) candidate for South East St Mary, Dr Shane Alexis, has done the right thing. He has applied for Jamaican citizenship.

He is a Canadian citizen, a Grenadian citizen, a Common-wealth citizen and is soon to become a Jamaican citizen. Wow!

As a Commonwealth citizen, he is legally eligible to enter representational politics. And I understand that there are others sitting in the Jamaican Parliament who are Commonwealth citizens, too.

I earnestly hope that both the PNP and Jamaica Labour Party would have learned valuable lessons from this experience and ensure that they do their due diligence and dot every 'i' and cross every 't' before prospective candidates are chosen and announced.

History is replete with examples of people who served their adopted country with distinction, commitment and patriotism and who are more productive than those who proclaim, "I man born yah." Former Prime Minister Edward Phillip George Seaga comes readily to mind.

Let us not discourage from entering politics potentially good people with a solid education, integrity and a willingness to serve. If we do, only the corrupt ones will worm their way into Gordon House.