Sun | Aug 19, 2018

Cancer alarm in Bonny Gate

Published:Monday | October 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The scourge and impact of disease on any society and the resultant environmental, social and economic cost is, in most cases, overbearing.

I, therefore, seek your indulgence in bringing to public knowledge, and especially that of the competent authorities, the devastation being wreaked on the community of Bonny Gate and surrounding areas by various forms of cancer.

While there is no accurate count of the victims, anecdotally, the number seems to be above normal and the causes have not been identified.

Residents query whether the erection of transmitter poles or cell sites might be a factor. To the best of my knowledge, no public information was ever disseminated to the communities about the possible harmful effects of radiation that might be emitted from the site.

The scourge of cancer has been devastating the communities and it is with great concern that questions are being asked. Was any test done to determine if radiation was emanating from this site? If so, was the radiation ever at a harmful level? How far from the site was the radiation detected?

The answers to these questions and any additional information may add a little comfort to residents of some very troubled communities.


Bonny Gate, St Mary