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Letter of the Day | Community policing at its best

Published:Monday | October 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM


We, the members of the Lawrence Tavern Community Development Committee (CDC) wish to highlight the work of outstanding Sergeant Simroy Mott and his team.

Our community was once plagued with praedial larceny, traffic problems, robbery, indecency, illegal gambling, gun violence, extortionists, and public disorder.

Under the leadership of Sergeant Mott and his team, Lawrence Tavern has become a community that can be emulated. Sergeant Mott has brought together community groups and state agencies, including the citizens' association, Social Development Commission, schools, principals, churches, taxi operators, and motivational speakers for the entertainment industry.

There has been greater order, ease of doing business, and smoother commuting in and around the Lawrence Tavern Square, which was a nightmare.

- Significant reduction of crime and violence within the division.

- Greater collaboration between communities and state entities/organisations that has fostered peace in troubled communities.

- Less hold-up of public transport buses and other vehicular traffic.

Almost zero robbery of goods and delivery vehicles/individuals within the area.

Dismantling of gangs within the Lawrence Tavern.

- Supervising a second major breakaway and patrolling the alternative route while operating under very trying conditions.

- Implementation of community partnerships.

Despite having one service unit, the respect garnered has enabled the police to ask any driver (taxi or otherwise) to take them to any crime scene. It's no longer that community which loved to use the dreaded saying, "Babylon a come." It's now a community of trust and appreciation for the police.

We feel so much safer at nights. We can't tell when last there was a hold-up or robbery. This team of police has worked with such intelligence and practicality that we must laud them for their hard work.

Once again, the members of the Lawrence Tavern community and its environs extend heartfelt gratitude to Sergeant Simroy Mott and his dedicated team to the Lawrence Tavern area and its surroundings. We salute you for the tremendous work that you have done!


President, Community

Development Committee

Edward Lafayette

Secretary, CDC;

Justice of the Peace