Fri | Aug 17, 2018

The Right Excellent Jack Mansong

Published:Thursday | October 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Look with earnest and bated breath when Chief Tacky, aka Jack Mansong, is officially declared a national hero and join the other seven in the pantheon on Jamaica's storied history.

Tacky was a freedom fighter and was a hero for the slaves at the time as he made sure that the oppressors realised that not all black people were going to bow to their dark system in fear.

The government's meagre efforts to start to name Chief Tacky as a national hero will never make up for the heroism of the man who was determined to remain free to live his life at all cost, and not chained in bondage as so many of his brothers and sisters at the time. He even freed quite a number of them too.

Our country is still poor and people still struggle a lot, and I am sure that if Mr Mansong were here today he would still wonder that, with all the trappings of technology and the modern refinements, why we still have a governor general going to the United Kingdom from time to time to bow to even a baby guised as royalty. He would pity us and our emasculated leadership for still believing that these Europeans mean us well. For with all the loans and grants given to us, we are still an underdeveloped people. Why? Because these largesse are given with one hand and taken by the other, and we are left with persons gathering at political parties who cuss out each other in a quest for leadership.

Mark Trought