Tue | Oct 16, 2018

To the Garvey bust vandals

Published:Friday | October 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The idle miscreant(s) who spent time to deface the 'representation' of Marcus Garvey, on the campus of the University of the West Indies, Mona, should know that he/she/they will continue to be terribly frustrated, since the spirit of the man will still inspire those of us who recognise and understand his precepts.

Garvey was fully aware of the misguided beings within our race - the stragglers. They are so discontented with themselves that they spend valuable time lashing out at anyone, or, anything. I dare say:

Some profess his dogmas

Clutching them like cosy pillows

Then quickly fall asleep.

Yet, their dreams are not as upbeat as Marcus' beliefs.

Rather, they are insidious nightmares, with ghouls of our race

Flaunting everything that the Hero was against.


The 'mighty race' is using might to rip itself to shreds

So, like the mortal garb of Garvey his telling words are rendered dead!

There's still the shackle of self-hate amongst ourselves!

We seem disposed to squirm in anguish, with no muffled cries for help;

Too fatigued, perhaps, to awaken to uplift.

Surely, Garvey was a man at the forefront of the run.

Still, many are quite unaware that the new day has begun

Signalling a people to open minds and eyes

To welcome thoughts and actions which the man deemed civilised.

No hero worship now will serve to sanctify

The memory of one who held his black head high!

He may have had illusions.

Yes, he made mistakes.

But, here's his take on the nightmares many face:

"The enemies are not so much from without as from within the race!"

We must wake up!

Wipe our faces!

Disinfect our minds!

We must uplift ourselves through tolerance, self-reliance, trust and pride.

We may skip the platitudes

Put empty words aside

Then unite and work to help ourselves

To keep the Marcus flame alive!