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Technology altering kids' behaviour

Published:Monday | October 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM


First, I will start by declaring how proud I am to be a Jamaican. Even though I now reside in America, it is with intent reflection that I express how privileged I have been to have had such a memorable and prominent childhood, being raised in such a one-of-a-kind culture and country.

I can still remember my childhood days just like it was yesterday. Climbing trees, playing hide-and-seek, stuck-and-release and many other fun activities with friends, family, neighbours and siblings.

If I could do it all over again, I would do it the same way. Family time was vital and was considered a special moment, filled with laughter and happiness. We cared for each other because we were taught how to love and share. We sure lived what we have learned.


Replaced playtime


However, it is with extreme disappointment that I chose to evaluate our latterly and unfamiliar trend. I acknowledge that it's indeed a new era and that things and times have and will continue to change. But based on my personal observation in our society today, less and less time is being spent on ensuring that our children learn and conform to our long-lived tradition. I strongly believe that our traditions have played a very important role in raising our children for the future in many ways, shapes and forms.

Nowadays, however, advanced technology has replaced our children's playtime and social time. Our children have become antisocial and introverts because they do not know the importance of playtime anymore, like we did. That tradition has been quickly replaced with tablets and high-tech phones. Because of this new trend, morals and behavioural patterns have also been affected.

Our children have easier access to the Internet and to sites that would otherwise be easily monitored by parents and other influential adult supervision, and when access to these devices were limited or less accessible. With this new trend, they are also exposed to pornography and prohibited sites, since adult supervision is less effective.

What they watch and listen these days sure do have a huge impact on their predominant behavioural patterns and ethical advancement. In concluding, we also need to ensure that Christianity is administered in our children's daily life, as it also helps with shaping their moral and ethical improvement for both now and the future.

Danette Mahabeer

Public figure