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Letter of the Day | Meditation can transform our schools

Published:Friday | October 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


If there is ever a time that our schools need relaxation/meditation, it is now. Our society, in particular our schools, has become exceptionally noisy and violent. There is a plethora of distractions with which we are all bombarded daily. This prevailing high noise level, coupled with utter indiscipline and resultant violence, can be meaningfully modified through a process of turning within in order to pull upon the peaceful and loving potential that we are.

There are many benefits that may be derived from meditation. Here are a few:

- Improved quality of life

- Stress relief

- Better quality of sleep

- Stimulation of the immune system

- Greater concentration.

Why not adopt in our school system this beneficial lifestyle that is guaranteed to foster inner peace, which will, ultimately, bring about love and unity at home, at school, and to the wider society?

From my experience as an educator of 30 years, Heartfulness meditation is the best tool any school can adopt alongside its existing programmes. Marked behavioural patterns are observed. Some have, reportedly, shared the relaxation technique with their caregivers and siblings, who have themselves found it useful. There is a much greater awareness, and appreciation for the environment and heightened consciousness of who they are, and there has been overall improvement in their academic attainments.

As a teacher-guidance counsellor, I have realised that we need to learn how to meditate to pull from within our intrinsic qualities so that we can be better able to inspire our young minds.

It is my hope that schools will come on board in implementing such a unique and useful resource, knowing that it is being used compatibly with all existing programmes of the school.




One cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that there has been resistance encountered by some who are steeped in beliefs. However, our encouragement is that there is nothing to fear. There are no dogmas attached to the practice of Heartfulness. It is not faith based. The participant is his/her own scientist.

Be encouraged to do the research on the effectiveness of meditation in schools and its overall benefits to all who are willing to practise. As someone who is from a religious background, I attest to the fact that meditation, which is purely spiritual, which is innate to all of us, is not competing with religion.

Meditation welcomes all institutions of learning, householders, and people from all backgrounds to prove its efficacy. In my opinion, it transforms man into becoming the best version of himself.


Volunteer, Heartfulness Institute, Jamaica