Sun | Sep 23, 2018

Giving thanks for what we have

Published:Tuesday | October 31, 2017 | 12:53 AM


It really strikes me that we Jamaicans are a spoilt bunch. I was home for a week recently because of a fleeting illness and had the occasion to watch a lot of international news on the television.

It's not that I did not already know how hard things are in some other parts of the world, but really having the time to sit and watch the news as it switches from country to country, across different continents and regions, makes you realise just how badly some people have it. From Africa, to the Middle East, to Asia and parts of Central and South America, there are people out there who are dealing with terrible issues. Widespread hunger, terrorism and fast-spreading diseases make up the reality of a vast number of persons across the world.

Our problems here at home are important and yes, we need to do everything we can, particularly to end the outrageous spate of murders. But we should, at the same time be very grateful for what we have here in Jamaica. This blessed little island is paradise, and it is time we do more to recognise and appreciate this fact.