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Not true, SSP Allen

Published:Thursday | November 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I recently heard Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Allen commenting on how busily the traffic police are policing the traffic in the Corporate Area.

He mentioned some intersections and stated that the police are busy trying to get the traffic to flow in those areas. He mentioned the intersection of Holborn Road and Trafalgar Road, which caught my attention because that is so not true, SSP Allen. I use Holborn Road daily, and it is total grief to get onto Trafalgar Road.

The taxis come from Dumfries Road and drive straight up Holborn Road using the lane for motorists travelling in the opposite direction and they bore and go straight unto Trafalgar Road. Also, the motorists who are already on Trafalgar Road block the intersection.


Stuck in trafffic


Therefore, when the light changes to green on Holborn Road we are stuck and can't move. This happens daily, so, sir, contrary to what your officers are telling you, they are not there in the evenings. At least two officers need to be stationed at that intersection one to stop the indisciplined drivers who just drive in the opposite lane and go straight on Trafalgar Road, and the other to ensure that the intersection is not blocked.

SSP Allen, please consider the intersection of Dunrobin and Constant Spring Road, that also needs two officers in the mornings one to insist that persons in the extreme left lane turn left, and the other to ensure that the intersection is not blocked. Also, the intersection of Bay Farm Road and Waltham Park Road. The little yellow #82 buses take that road for themselves, driving on sidewalks and the opposite side of the road, hitting mirrors of cars as they go, total lawlessness in the mornings.

And there are no police out there to stop the mayhem on our roads in Kingston. Instead, sir, they kotch up on minor roads all over Kingston for 15 or 20 minutes, stopping law-abiding citizens.

Leroy Brown