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Internet getting out of reach

Published:Friday | November 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On November 1, 2017, a major telecommunications service provider decided to raise its fee for its popular 300-megabyte two-day data plan. Its cost moved from $150 to $175.

The silence from traditional media on this matter is deafening. I'm not going to be naive, because I know that the main purpose of a business is to make a profit, but my God, why is Digicel raising its prices every minute?

Our Government and Opposition boast about the impact of social media and the Internet on our lives, but they don't seem to realise or care that social media is getting too expensive for many of us to use. I can predict that in the near future, FLOW will follow suit. Also, I'm predicting that Digicel, in a year's time, will raise its prices again. Who will protect us the consumers?

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, St Ann